Tokyo Designer’s Week 2006
This photo records for posterity the only time in my life I got away
with pretending to be a designer. They didn’t issue “Writer” tags.

My first computer was a Creative Technology Cubic CT in 1986 (yes, that Creative Technology; the CT was their IBM XT clone). The first game I played obsessively was probably Lode Runner. As a 6-year-old, I wanted to work with science but the curriculum in school turned me off with plant part names. So that left me with only an interest in reading and writing to work with, and some years later I graduated with an English degree and wrote ads and copy for a bunch of nice people and their companies.

All the while, I spent enough time thinking about games and the web that people asked why I didn’t do that stuff for a living. Good advice! These days, I write copy while designing digital marketing and user experiences (including games) for a global company of many more nice people.

This blog was started in 2002, following a series of handcrafted protoblogs on Geocities, Tripod, and other long-dead hosting companies. Like many others starting out in those early days, I learnt HTML on my own by looking at the source code and playing with web editors. Yeah, I had animated GIFs, but never the MIDI files.

Sangsara.net chronicles my hobbies and interests, namely technology, photography, design, the arts, and Japanese culture.

See also: about.me/brandonlee