➟ The girl who conquered the world

“What keeps Salander from turning into a cartoon like the Bride from ‘Kill Bill’ is the unedited-documentary-footage texture of the novel’s narration. It’s this integration of the mundane and the mythic that enables the trilogy to hold its readers in thrall.”

Laura Miller writes about Stieg Larsson’s Millennium trilogy (those “The Girl With/Who…” books) on Salon.com, noting the ability of his curiously dry and overly descriptive writing style to drive some readers away screaming, while keeping others locked in for the course.
Whatever you may think, these books have become a phenomenal international success of Dan Brown-ish proportions in record time. The difference is that, having read two of them after seeing the film adaptation of the first, I can quite readily recommend them as fun and engaging thrillers. I haven’t read more than a few pages of a Brown novel and don’t intend to.
Link [Salon.com – minor spoilers]

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