My attractive industrial design

At the 3rd-party Apple store this afternoon, my girlfriend pointed out this iPod speaker dock, saying it was rather good looking. I was horrified, and then found it really funny. I suppose her bad taste explains why we’ve been together so long.

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On the prediction of weather in Singapore

Feeling rather tired in the afternoon and with no work to do, I thought I’d hit up Starbucks for the usual triple venti low-fat iced latte and an hour with William Gibson’s so-far-enthralling Neuromancer.

I’ve gotten into the habit of relying on the local NEA (National Environmental Agency) website for weather forecasts, despite having been burnt – perhaps ‘soaked’ is the more appropriate word – on a number of occasions. Still, I checked the website before leaving and was guaranteed by a minutes-old analysis that the good weather would last the rest of the evening.

It takes less than half an hour to get to the nearest Starbucks. Barely a minute after making it here, it started coming down; a fact I could not have anticipated with any of my bodily senses, but perhaps should have with some basic pattern recognition and Murphy’s Law. Photographic proof is enclosed.

The question I’m leading up to is this: what does it take to be a government-employed meteorologist in Singapore? Do our tropical conditions make the job more difficult? Is it more guesswork than science? If you go to the site, you’ll see an animated rain map which charts the movements of storm clouds over time.

In the past, I’ve had a lot more success than the “experts” in predicting the spread of rain just by watching which way the winds appear to be moving, but in today’s case the storm hadn’t started yet. Why can’t we get accurate weather reports? Will someone hire me to do this without some sort of degree in making shit up?

Actually, I do have an English degree.

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M1 isn’t getting/doesn’t get the iPhone 3G

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M1‘s CEO Neil Montefiore has been quoted (in Marketing magazine and today’s myPaper) as saying that the iPhone 3G is “a plain 3G phone, and not even 3.5G” and is hence unlikely to make a significant impact on a telco’s data traffic revenues. I’ve never liked M1 very much but FUD of this level is shocking. The man heads up a communications company but can’t even open a web browser and read about it for himself? I’ll save you the time, it says UMTS/HSDPA right there on the specs page. With apologies to John Gruber for nicking his phrase, it sounds like they’re a really bright bunch over there at M1.

Maybe he was using M1’s own broken broadband network┬áto load it and gave up.

I changed the name of my blog to Glorified Status Update because that’s what it’s becoming. A Jaiku widget is up there in place of the topmost post because 99% of the time, it’s going to be newer than the last post anyway. Also experimenting with more mobile video, seeing if Shozu->YouTube could work better than Qik, or maybe Still waiting for my Flixwagon beta invite, I have a feeling it’s never coming.

Oh and I found Ryan Adams’ blog/tumblr, and I love it. His ‘films’ need clearer voice recording, but I’m really digging the view into his lonely, awesome world.