In Tokyo? Otaku march tomorrow!

Are you ready for the Akihabara Liberation Demonstration June 30th? – JapanSugoi

This is truly amazing. A coalition of Otakus from 3 hilariously named groups will be marching through Akiba tomorrow (1.5km) to reclaim the territory that is rightfully theirs. All walls between the disparate disciplines of cosplay, manga, computer geekery, and flat-out weirdness will be torn down for this historic event. Check out the pictures!

Afro Samurai DVD

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Afro Samurai DVD, originally uploaded by sangsara.

Pirated DVD with blurb for another movie, Ghost in the Shell:Innocence.

Makes fantastic claims of “Final Fighting!!!” and implies entertainment AND resonance, unlike Innocence.

Charlie Brooker at Glastonbury

‘Oh good, it’s raining again’ | Glastonbury 2007 | Guardian Unlimited Music

Here’s an entirely random list of things I hate. Mud. Rain. Inconvenience. Any form of discomfort whatsoever. Loud noises. People. People’s friends. People standing next to other people, with yet more people in between. Drunks bumping into you and being sick down your leg. Poorly maintained public toilets. Camping.You’ll find all these things and more at the Glastonbury festival, which is why it has always struck me as heck on earth.

A man after my own heart! If you think it sounds like fun, then the next paragraph should discourage you from ever trying to get me to go someday after we save up enough money, maybe next year, maybe just before we get married and have kids – the answer now and forever, is NO.

On top of that, I’d heard my share of off-putting Glastonbury myths. Tents bobbing in a mud-slide. Widespread trench foot. A man on ketamine eating his own hand. One of my friends swore blind she knew a man who’d been sitting in a Portaloo when some passing japester decided to tip it over, door side down, leaving him trapped inside a coffin full of foaming crap for 15 horrifying minutes; it went in his eyes and mouth. He got dysentery.

Charlie Brooker on Facebook

The Guardian’s funniest columnist has joined Facebook, despite being bad with people and small talk. I think just about every major news outlet now (The Straits Times included, oh my) has covered Facebook in a major feature section.

Afterwards my friend asked how the party had gone. I complained that the key to small talk had merely opened a door on a world of tedium.

“Well, duh,” they said. “No one really cares what anyone else is getting up to. Why do you think it’s called small talk? It’s just shit you say to make things less awkward.” What, just a pointless noise you make with your mouth? “Precisely,” they said. “Cows moo. People small-talk.” And I thought: I hate this world. This stinking, unbearable world.