Brandon Lee

Hi! I design services and digital products here in Singapore. To give you an idea of what I’m into, the YouTube algorithm is currently recommending me camera reviews, Bitcoin hopium, Japanese travelogues, MrBeast videos, and full episodes of a lovely little UK show called Four in a Bed.

At the present moment, I’m larping as an NFT artist with the Misery Men. More on that here. Additionally, I’ve been fascinated by advances in AI-generated imagery for the last year, and have been flooding my IG feed and weeknotes with Midjourney outputs.

Where you can find me

This weblog

I’ve run this site since 2002, and these days I post weekly life updates for my own records, photos, and the occasional product review. It started out on Blogger after a series of handcrafted protoblogs on Geocities, Tripod, and other long-dead hosting companies. At some point, there was a data loss incident but I can’t even remember what was lost.

Like many in those early days, I put the HTML together on my own by learning from the source code of other sites and playing with free tools. Yeah I had the animated GIFs of fists punching out of the wall 👊, but not the MIDI music at least.