Month: August 2007

Mixtape WIP

It’s been a long time since I posted a mix online, and so I thought I’d let the next one form over time in a blog post, with descriptions. These songs are currently being considered: Leah Dizon – SoftlyThe first single from Chinese-Filipina-Caucasian American import car model turned demure, virginal Japanese idol Leah Dizon is an auto-tuned (har har) wonder of pop schmaltz. Except something about it just grabs me. It could be that little down-then-up melodic hook at the end of the first line. It might also be the cliched production – I think the term is ‘shimmering’ – that encapsulates the feeling of a sunny weekend, right at the end of summer holidays. We all know it from younger days. That feeling that while everything is right in the world, it certainly isn’t going to last forever, and just at that moment you realize one day you will look back from the position of an older, more troubled person and say, “good times.” Summers are the saddest best times of our childhood, all …

How to say goodbye to a city

This is something I wrote a few months back for a friend’s zine that has now been released. 5 minutes ago, I had myself a really strong cup of coffee from the office machine. So forgive me if my fingers skip a letter over, or leave out a word entirely. I will not be going back to edit it. This will be a forward-moving exercise, and that is the first step in saying goodbye to a city. You must not look back, only pack your things, both tangible and otherwise. I am not saying you cannot reminisce while in the process of leaving, only that you must never stop being in a state of leaving. A pause to think, “oh, if only I could find a way,” does not help your cause at all. If there was a way, you would likely have taken hold of it in a desperate manner much, much earlier on. Resign to your fate, it will be easier. Like the weary half of a long-stagnant partnership, imagine yourself a young …

It’s rare that I finds a remix of a favorite song so good that I can’t tell which is better. This Groovefinder remix of Nina Simone’s ‘I Got Life’ (yes, that Muller ad song from a few years back) is a great example. It embraces and extends the palette, with every new element seeming to belong. Link

It hurts.

Further to the last post, I just had a moment of heartbreak while surfing the Play-Asia site. I recently bought 3 EA games for the price of 2, which is their current summer gaming promotion. That’s about $140 bucks for 3 games: Def Jam Icon, Burnout Revenge, and Fight Night Round 3. On Play-Asia, Def Jam Icon and Burnout Revenge are both $38. That effectively negates my free game. Fight Night is sold out, which means I can’t see what it used to cost, which makes me feel only that little bit better. The morale of the story, once again, is check before buying any games. Edit: If anyone’s looking to buy Prey for the Xbox 360, you probably can’t beat this price: USD$17.90 (SGD$27.50)

A Sales Pitch

The ads are back in town. A banner here, and a skyscraper on blast. Let me show you how advertising can be integrated with blog content! I use quite a bit, seeing as how they have free shipping to most places in the world, and prices are competitive with local retailers. Yesterday I went to a store looking for Rainbow Six Vegas and a sales guy nearby asked me out of the blue, “Do you like… The Darkness?” Normally, that would be indication to leave the store as quickly as possible without making any sudden movements. But he meant The Darkness, a highly-rated supernatural FPS that’s just been banned here for no apparent reason. Far more violent games continue to be available. It could have something to do with the fact that your character is a mob hitman at the age of 21. Perhaps it has some immeasurable ability to coerce youth into secret societies. “Ah. How much is it?”, I asked casually, with all the know-it-all insouciance I was born with and which …