Mac OS X Leopard skin for M3/R4DS

Here’s another Apple theme I slapped together for the M3 DS Simply/Real and R4DS slot-1 flashcard devices (they allow you to run custom code and play media files on your Nintendo DS).

I used the Finder icon for the file browser/launcher, Quicktime for the Moonshell media player, and the new Time Machine icon for loading up Game Boy Advance games from slot-2. Pretty appropriate, I thought. I also managed to replicate the glass dock, complete with a rudimentary reflection effect.

Download version 1.01 (improved Dock graphics)

Expensr says I’m fat

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Average on food [expensr], originally uploaded by sangsara.

I eat almost as much as your average man and woman combined! Rawr!!

Actually I think this is happening because the average is in US currency (although I’ve specified I use SGD in my profile), and because I consider alcohol to be part of food expenditure.

RGB Gamer: Public beta launch

It’s been kinda quiet here because I’ve been hard at work not being at work (don’t let them tell you it’s easy), and also because I’ve been making an effort to not talk about games here on my blog. All game talk and game reviewing has moved to, which I’ve set up specifically to cover only the most interesting game-related news items each day (generally the universe creates two), and talk about what I’m liking now and then. I hope you’ll go over and take a look, maybe even subscribe to the feed.

And with all the daily link cruft being swept under the rug at blast!, my tumblelog, I’m not entirely sure what to do with this original blog.

I guess I’ll have to make a return to horrid personal matters, details on how I eat… badly, stories about my home life and how my dog hates me but that’s ok because I hate her too because her breath really stinks, and other miscellaneous things that a future employer might come by and see, and then decide not to hire me on the intensity of my airheadedness that I do try so hard to hide from you, my loyal readers.

*If anybody wants to contribute material to RGB Gamer, the door’s this way.