I changed the name of my blog to Glorified Status Update because that’s what it’s becoming. A Jaiku widget is up there in place of the topmost post because 99% of the time, it’s going to be newer than the last post anyway. Also experimenting with more mobile video, seeing if Shozu->YouTube could work better than Qik, or maybe Kyte.tv. Still waiting for my Flixwagon beta invite, I have a feeling it’s never coming.

Oh and I found Ryan Adams’ blog/tumblr, and I love it. His ‘films’ need clearer voice recording, but I’m really digging the view into his lonely, awesome world.

Little:Apple photoblog

For the past month or so (and with far greater energy and consistency than I have personally applied to any project ever), my girlfriend and a friend of hers have been running a daily photoblog at littleapple.tumblr.com.

Being based in Singapore, with her friend in New York City, it’s tentatively titled “little dot:big apple”. Out of sheer luck, many of these uncoordinated photo pairings have resulted in a kind of visual and contextual symmetry that either reveals how alike the two girls think, or how little difference exists between our modern lives, regardless of how far apart we are.

Bad tagline (The Eye)

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Bad tagline (The Eye), originally uploaded by sangsara.

This isn’t the way to promote a movie, just sayin’.

Far as I know, the American poster doesn’t use this tagline. Given the supporting evidence (see earlier DVD posts), it must have been a local job.