Since You Asked

I think I do a good impression.

Just wanted to mention a great birthday gift I got today, a signed copy of Cary Tennis’ Since You Asked. Cary is’s resident advice columnist, and a damned good one. Certainly the best I’ve ever read. The book is a collection of his responses, which are unfailingly thoughtful, inspiring and human, even when they don’t have any solutions to offer.

Buy the book from Cary’s own site here (he even signed the receipt, adding “Enjoy!”) or from Amazon via the link below.

➟ Super Mario Crossover

It’s hard to believe you can play a game this awesome for free, in your browser. Programmer Jay Pavlina spent over a year recreating the entire Super Mario Bros. game, with playable characters from other NES-era classics.
I just powered through World 1-1 as Mega Man, shooting Goombas with my arm cannon, and machine-gunned the hell out of World 1-2 as Bill from Contra. Also available: Samus Aran from Metroid, Simon Belmont from Castlevania, and Link from the Legend of Zelda.


➟ The History of Libraries Through the Ages

A comprehensive (for a blog post) look at the longstanding correlation between the availability of libraries and the flourishing of human culture. On a related note: check out my friend Peishan’s new biblio-centric blog, Shelf Conscious, which I helped name. The very talented Jussi Edlund of Supershapes barfed out a sweet logo for her in just under ten minutes.