➟ Satoshi Kon’s last words

One of my all-time favorite film directors passed away two days ago at the age of 46. It didn’t matter that he worked with animation, but his original ideas were a perfect fit for the medium. Millennium Actress is easily in my top ten list, right alongside the Hitchcocks, Kurosawas, and Allens.

This was his farewell to the world.


➟ Cee-Lo’s "Fuck You"

This super-catchy song by Cee-Lo Green of Gnarls Barkley fame is this year’s “Hey Ya”, mark my words. You’re going to hear it sung out of car windows, college dorms, dive bars, and there’s nothing feeble attempts at radio censorship can do about it. For everyone under 20 right now, YouTube IS radio.

➟ Star Trek’s iPad-like designs

Not the freshest link on the internet by this point, but a really fantastic story about how budget constraints and creativity led to the creation of touch and screen-based control panels on the Enterprise, 23 years ago.

Update: More awesome PADD screenshots here, including Facetime and image manipulation apps.

Link [arstechnica.com]

➟ Graphic Adventures, the Book

Straight from the pages of Wikipedia, compiled and edited by one Philipp Lenssen, this book tells the story of an era most people my age lived through and think back upon with great affection: the early period of computer adventure gaming. Companies like Sierra On-Line, Lucasarts, Microprose, and Adventure Soft defined the boundaries of what we now know of interactive storytelling, plot-driven game design, and narrative/item-based puzzles. It’s on sale at Amazon for $29, and is also available as a free, downloadable HTML file with “loads of screenshots”. YJSoon has a useful tip: run it through Calibre to make an EPUB file, and it’ll sit nicely on your iPad’s iBookshelf.

Link (via @YJSoon)