➟ Buy someone Millennium Actress for Christmas

This is one of my Top 3 movies of all time; I love it immensely, and am glad to read a post this passionate about recognizing it as a film beyond the category of animation. Sad thing is, if it were a film in English, well executed, it would hit people harder than Inception ever could. But instead they’ll have to take a risk on a DVD and read subtitles.


➟ Pure Reader theme for Google Reader

I’ve tried a few of these extensions that reskin Google Reader to look a little better or more usable, but always go back to the old vanilla theme. This is the first that really succeeds in bringing a modern application feel to it. In some ways, it reminds me of Reeder for iOS (yes, I’ve tried the desktop version, and I didn’t like it). One of the problems with Google Reader’s list view – they might argue it’s a feature – is the lack of white space between lines, making it hard to skim efficiently. Pure Reader has an abundance of white space which makes for more scrolling, but coherent scrolling. Available for Safari and Chrome.

Na’Design | Safari Extensions

Update: Guess I spoke too soon; my Reeder for Mac just updated with a brand new UI, featuring a 3-pane browser/viewer and more desktop-like conventions. Very nice. Get it here.

The best accessory for the LX3, ever.

If you own a Panasonic LUMIX LX3 camera, you need to track down one of these. Its design is inspired by a hinged lens cap Ricoh designed for their GX200. It’s as great an idea as the idea to leave out an auto lens cap is stupid.

Incidentally, Ricoh is now my favorite digital camera maker after getting my GR3. Even if their industrial design team seems stuck in the 80s. Build quality is solid, weight distribution very well-considered, great usability — I thought the LX3 was an instant classic, but the GR3 makes it feel mass-produced. I think it would even hold up against the Leica D-Lux models too, in terms of handling and feeling like something ridiculously expensive.

Between the buildings (Photos are going up)

“While Kim napped in an armchair inside the hotel waiting for our check-in (we flew in at 6am, and all the earlier photos from the WX5 were taken while walking around to pass time), I found this really cinematic light coming off the walls in the alley between our building and the next.”
I’ve started processing photos from my vacation, but this is going to need some time now that I have a full-time job (last year’s batch of over a thousand photos took less than a week, if I remember right). Since I’m going to take it at a nice and easy pace of 10+ photos a night, I’ve decided to try and write more meaningful captions to go with the photos. Here’s one I just uploaded. You can check in on them through my Flickr feed.