The best accessory for the LX3, ever.

If you own a Panasonic LUMIX LX3 camera, you need to track down one of these. Its design is inspired by a hinged lens cap Ricoh designed for their GX200. It’s as great an idea as the idea to leave out an auto lens cap is stupid.

Incidentally, Ricoh is now my favorite digital camera maker after getting my GR3. Even if their industrial design team seems stuck in the 80s. Build quality is solid, weight distribution very well-considered, great usability — I thought the LX3 was an instant classic, but the GR3 makes it feel mass-produced. I think it would even hold up against the Leica D-Lux models too, in terms of handling and feeling like something ridiculously expensive.

Mosaic music festival 2009

The Esplanade’s annual music festival is back again, and although I’ve never been the sort to go down every day of the week that it’s on, we somehow ended up there two nights in a row over the past weekend. In keeping with my tradition of only seeing one paid act each year (Maceo Parker and Rachael Yamagata were the last two), we attended George Duke’s concert* on Friday, but sadly did not hear “I Love You More”, the song with the intro everybody knows from Daft Punk’s “Digital Love”. It’s a very strange song, with that funky electro opening riff tacked onto a bland early-80s sort of ballad.

The free performances are what I enjoy most, as they have the atmosphere of a real music festival, with people milling about and wandering from one performance to the next. On the first night, I managed to get some Qik video of a Taiwanese hip-hop collaboration between one MC Hot Dog and 3P. And then a couple more of a Malaysian group called Funk Mob, and Mike Stern & The Yellowjackets on Saturday. I also had my Panasonic LX3 handy for some HD video of the latter, and an “all-star jam” that followed their performance.

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