I didn’t think I’d be getting into NFTs, at least not at this particular stage of their development. But curiosity, restlessness, and some disposable income late in the summer of ‘21 led to me poking around and getting some exposure.

I now have these purchases to show for it. Obviously they’re no Cryptopunks or Cool Cats, and so I probably won’t be getting rich off them soon. It would seem that’s only half the point, anyway. The best argument for NFTs at this moment is that they’re like access badges to communities, projects, and conversations. In any case, I also like these on their own merit — I’m using the Fangster as my avatar in some places already.

If you’d like to donate tokens to me for some reason, send them over to my wallet at sangsara.eth

Fangster #6251 of the Fang Gang — my first pfp purchase
PxlFangster #2464 — A spin-off mint from owning the above Fangster
“Masterpiece art on isometric tiles #17” — based on Eugène Delacroix’s Liberty Leading the People
Paranoid Puffballs 003 — by friend and colleague @_henryhu_, who is obsessed with pufferfishes and has made a whole series of them

Unseen by eyes but forged in stone”, Venus II V2 — technically my first NFT, received from the @lilmiquela account in Apr 2021