Bario ramen, Ramen Champion (Iluma)


What I said on Instagram: “One garlicky son of a bitch with coarse, chewy noodles made from bread dough”, “If you like garlic, salt, and fat… best I ever had of the sort”.

There’s a sign on the outside that claims they came in #1 in a poll of ramen that a man would choose, and I’d agree with that assessment. This is a huge, Go Go Curry Major/Grand Slam Curry-sized meal, with a generous helping of everything, and a salty soup that could dehydrate a cactus and kill a vampire in a single stroke. Quite simply, someone dared to take ramen to 11, and this is it.

Sushi Cake

Here’s a sushi-themed congratulatory cake some of us bought for the 2nd branch of Standing Sushi Bar (8 Queen Street, right by the Singapore Art Museum). Really beautiful work.

This post was willed into existence by Howard, the owner, who wrote on Facebook:

“This cake reminds me of something Brandon would link to on his blog.”