Month: August 2006

Workplace GoogleTalking

3:40 PM Stuart: yo me: yo you like heinlein? i’ve just read that he had an uncompleted novel called variable star 3:41 PM that has now been completed with the blessings of his family, by some other scifi dude named spider robinson the first 8 chapters are being released free online over the next few weeks if they’re good i may buy it Stuart: spider robinson was born to be a niche writer, was he not <!– D(["mb"," me: with a name like that he sure wasn\’t born to be mainstream 3:42 PM in ANYTHING Stuart: even in the forums of he was considered just to extreme and was perma-banned 3:43 PM *too damn monkey fingers me: you funny motherfucker how\’s life treating you i bought an issue of Retro Gamer last night and saw that birmingham recently hosted a convention called… 3:44 PM Reminisce? or something? “,1] ); //–> me: with a name like that he sure wasn’t born to be mainstream 3:42 PM in ANYTHING Stuart: even in the forums of …

Utada Hikaru pwnz you

Utada Hikaru, the only Japanese singer I can recall properly liking, is apparently a kickass Tetris player. Nintendo recently held a contest where winners (30) could challenge her to a live game of the new Tetris DS on stage. Only 4 managed to win against her, and apparently 3 of them were just lucky. There’s a video of her playing in an unbearably cute fashion in glasses here. From

Zoe Tay ad

Zoe Tay is appearing in a rather unlikely ad for a beauty product, the final version of which she could not possibly have known about at the time her photo was being taken. I think MediaCorp is going to tighten the reins on their artists from here on out. Everything they appear in or endorse will probably have to be triple-checked. See it here.

Sonic Wii trailer

Fresh from the Leipzig Game Convention is this new trailer for Sonic Wii, which is sporting a new working title something awful (Sonic and the Secret of the Rings??). The gameplay footage looks amazing though, all the speed and chaos of Sonic in 3D. The Wii looks plenty powerful to me at this point.

Lost the battle and won a lot more

I bought the Fujifilm F30 afterall. I’m gonna come out and say it’s the best digital camera I’ve ever owned (out of 6). It’s slightly bigger than my old Canon IXUS 400, which prior to the Sony T30 I would not have found acceptable at all, but the photos it takes are spectacular. Noise reduction hardware aside, it just kills at color reproduction. Where most consumer digital cameras over-warmify or cool, the F30 seems to never need more than the auto white balance, keeping everything neutral. Every shot I’ve taken this weekend hasn’t needed more post-processing than a little exposure bump. Most shots are ready to use straight out of the camera, which is a first in my experience. Anyway, I found the money to buy it by giving up smoking until at least Christmas’ Eve. It will be paid off by then. My other friend could afford to buy a Macbook in 6 months if she gave it up too, but she won’t. There’s seldom a real tangible reward for someone to quit, health …


HaikuLog is back and taking names. For the last two days, I’ve been battling an irrational urge to buy a 3rd digital camera, the Fujifilm F30. It looks fantastic, and I blame Peishan for this, because she asked my advice for a cheap digital that takes good night shots. In this regard, the F30 is unparalleled in the pocket point & shoot category. Some of the sample pictures I’ve seen are unbelievable; results are exposed so well that they look post-processed straight out of the camera. It can be had for about SGD$590 with a 1GB XD memory card. Unless someone wants to take my 2-month old Sony T30 off me, I hope to win this battle. Nobody needs 3 similar cameras, right? Yet every morning and free minute I think about it. The truth is that I’m just in constant need of new things to fiddle with. I felt a little unfulfilled today upon realizing that beyond my DS Lite, GBM, and PSP, there wasn’t much left to buy as far as portable game …

No more dead than 2Pac

Perth was very nice, and I took a couple hundred photos in between wine/beer tastings in the valley, but none of them are much good. I will upload them to flickr over the course of the week. It’s been increasingly hard to maintain a good work/blog balance, but I’m not about to let this sucker die easily. Not since 5 of you still read the RSS feed!* But the side projects will have to go. I’m thinking I won’t renew this year, and died a death sometime back during the server move. Side projects are really just that; a distraction and sapping of one’s energies. But I learnt something from writing the haiku log anyway; it will sound obvious, but you only really learn from trying it out yourself – quality is more desirable over quantity any day of the week. It’s nice to be able to say that you’ve written about 300 haikus in the last 10 months, but I know I’m only happy with about 10 of them, so I’m just …