HaikuLog is back and taking names.

For the last two days, I’ve been battling an irrational urge to buy a 3rd digital camera, the Fujifilm F30. It looks fantastic, and I blame Peishan for this, because she asked my advice for a cheap digital that takes good night shots. In this regard, the F30 is unparalleled in the pocket point & shoot category. Some of the sample pictures I’ve seen are unbelievable; results are exposed so well that they look post-processed straight out of the camera. It can be had for about SGD$590 with a 1GB XD memory card. Unless someone wants to take my 2-month old Sony T30 off me, I hope to win this battle. Nobody needs 3 similar cameras, right? Yet every morning and free minute I think about it.

The truth is that I’m just in constant need of new things to fiddle with. I felt a little unfulfilled today upon realizing that beyond my DS Lite, GBM, and PSP, there wasn’t much left to buy as far as portable game consoles go. I considered getting a white DS Lite to take turns travelling in my bag with the current blue one. Jesus if that’s not a cry for help, I don’t know what is.

I always thought it was a need to keep spending money, but it isn’t. It’s a need to have new buttons to push or things to click. After I decided to restart with a new HaikuLog site, and went about setting up Pixelpost and configuring it, the urge to buy that new camera faded. Maybe if you have this problem too, my handy cycle below will be of some use.

1. Buy “cool” domains
2. Wonder what to do with them -> set up new sites.
3. Don’t actually finish/launch them.
4. Install new software to organize your life with.
5. Wonder why that new software hasn’t organized the development of above projects.
6. Try more new software.
7. Give up. Buy expensive electronic items in lieu of, but in the hopes of promoting, productivity/creativity.
8. Grow disgusted. Repeat.

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