Going on rather-deserved vacation

I’ll be in Japan on a company holiday from this Thursday till next Monday. It is in some ways the promised land for most of my friends, however this opportunity has caught me at a bad time. I am too busy with work to even properly pack, let alone do enough research to ensure a meaningful and productive visit. So I am not counting on having a complete experience. My goals are to eat well, take a lot of pictures, and make the most of not having an agenda.

I will be staying in the Shinjuku district, and that may be as far as I get with the list of must-see neighborhoods. Maybe I will make it down to the place where the loligoth girls hang out over the weekend, but that’s it. The rest of my time, if I follow my more experienced and Tokyo-oriented colleagues, will likely be spent off the tourist path. But that’s ok. I’ve got to leave some things unseen for when the rest of the aforementioned find time for a pilgrimage.


I unboxed my Horizon Kompakt this evening after about a half-year of sitting on my shelf, waiting for the small possibility of it selling itself to some passerby. It’s quite awesome, and demands the most complicated loading procedure I’ve ever seen a 35mm film camera involve. I’m going to go out tomorrow and shoot off a roll for the sheer heck of it. And then it’s off to Tokyo to capture what should be some incredible peoplescapes. Look out, salarymen! Beware, schoolgirls! Look busy, fishmongers!

For Sale: Sony T30 Digital Camera

And while I’m blogging again, here’s something I was supposed to mention a month ago.

I have a Sony DSC-T30 (T30) for sale. It’s maybe three and a half months old and in perfect condition with a good, solid screen protector put on. It comes with a 1GB Memory Stick Pro Duo card (Sony brand), the original box and everything else, along with a Sony carrying case I bought for it.

Tech specs:
– 7.2 megapixel CCD (3072 x 2304).
– 3x optical zoom.
– Continuous video recording (640 x 480) in MPEG-4 format, with zooming.
– Mechanical/Optical Image Stabilization (Sony Super Steadyshot).
– Very pretty.
– High sensitivity up to ISO1000.
– Sliding lens cover.
– Ultra closeup macro mode (1cm).
– f3.5/f4.3 min aperture.
– Very long battery life (440 shots CIPA rated).
– Exposure bracketing mode.
– You can’t stop looking at it.
– Only 169g in weight.
– That’s less than most phones.
– What, are you certain?
– Which phone are you using?
– You must be kidding.
– I’d get a real phone if I were you.

Recommended Retail Price: SGD$799

My Awesome, Loss-Leading, Faith-in-Humanity-Restoring, Sanitarium-Official-Visit-Inspiring, One-Time-One-Piece-Only sale price: SGD$599

Write me an email or leave a comment if you’re interested. Singapore buyers preferred because the post office is ohhhhhh soooooooo farrrrrr away from me.

iWoz is out!

I bought Steve Wozniak’s autobiography, iWoz (or I, Woz), last night from Borders at the exorbitant price of SGD$34 dollars. Please be smarter than I was and buy it off Amazon from the link above. USD$14! Even with postage, it’ll be significantly cheaper. And you’ll be helping me recoup some of my losses. Thanks.

I haven’t started reading it yet because I’m still halfway through iCon, the book on Steve Jobs’ second coming. Although I’ve just learnt about the existence of a book actually titled The Second Coming of Steve Jobs, which I’ll undoubtedly have to read now.

NYT on Singaporean dining

Once again, an article has been written about Singapore’s culinary scene. This time, in the New York Times.

Singapore: A Repressed City-State? Not in its kitchens

I take issue with the (culturally imperialistic!) distinction made between “street food” and restaurants though. Not exactly the fairest thing, although an understandable perspective given the publication. For most Singaporeans, for the longest time, those “street food” vendors constituted the activity of eating out. Which is what restaurants are.

Anyhow. Charlie Trotter is opening a place here? I’ve only just discovered his cooking show on Ch.69.