For Sale: Sony T30 Digital Camera

And while I’m blogging again, here’s something I was supposed to mention a month ago.

I have a Sony DSC-T30 (T30) for sale. It’s maybe three and a half months old and in perfect condition with a good, solid screen protector put on. It comes with a 1GB Memory Stick Pro Duo card (Sony brand), the original box and everything else, along with a Sony carrying case I bought for it.

Tech specs:
– 7.2 megapixel CCD (3072 x 2304).
– 3x optical zoom.
– Continuous video recording (640 x 480) in MPEG-4 format, with zooming.
– Mechanical/Optical Image Stabilization (Sony Super Steadyshot).
– Very pretty.
– High sensitivity up to ISO1000.
– Sliding lens cover.
– Ultra closeup macro mode (1cm).
– f3.5/f4.3 min aperture.
– Very long battery life (440 shots CIPA rated).
– Exposure bracketing mode.
– You can’t stop looking at it.
– Only 169g in weight.
– That’s less than most phones.
– What, are you certain?
– Which phone are you using?
– You must be kidding.
– I’d get a real phone if I were you.

Recommended Retail Price: SGD$799

My Awesome, Loss-Leading, Faith-in-Humanity-Restoring, Sanitarium-Official-Visit-Inspiring, One-Time-One-Piece-Only sale price: SGD$599

Write me an email or leave a comment if you’re interested. Singapore buyers preferred because the post office is ohhhhhh soooooooo farrrrrr away from me.

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