The Xbox 360 is now available locally as a $699 package that includes the Pro system, 2 wireless controllers, and 2 rubbish games nobody would buy on their own: Ninety-Nine Nights, and Project Gotham Racing 3. If you try to buy an old Pro system without the extras, it runs you $660. Crazy.

I just went to Sim Lim Square with the intention of buying one (bored, no plans for the weekend), and found a guy who said he would sell me the plain old Pro system for $520 before tax. I figure he’s made a mistake. He must mean $620, because that would come up to about $660 after tax. So I say OK! He says he only takes cash. Fine.

I go out to withdraw cash, and for the first time in my life, the ATM fucks up and retains my card. The bank says they’re sorry, and cancel my card. A new one will be in the post on Monday. I was pretty pissed off at the time, but now I just see it as a sign that I’m not intended to buy anything from Microsoft ever again. And I feel somewhat better about being saved from a rash purchase I wasn’t completely convinced about in the first place. But jesus, give me a break.

Somehow, I’ve stopped blogging here. I’m looking to Twitter now to save me and restore some routine introspection to my life, but their site is overloaded at the moment. It must be all the hyperbole coming out of SXSW. Dumb name, but the service sounds like it could expand into all sorts of channels soon. I’d like to see it accessible in more ways, with mobile clients and ‘feed’ directories for your friends. Well this is just conjecture because I haven’t even used it yet.

My new Nokia E65, along with a bunch of recent SE and Nokia phones, has a featured labeled IM which is strangely not like any popular IM at all. It requires operator intervention and server maintenance, which I know my local phone operator is not going to do for free any time soon. And there aren’t any good and free Symbian 60 MSN/Gtalk clients that I’ve seen, so maybe we need to redefine the meaning of IM when it comes to phones, since SMSes provide close to much of the functionality. Mobile Twitter could be the bridge. We’ll see.

Anyway I will be spending tomorrow on a studio set, with a beautiful model, for 12-14 hours. Maybe I’ll twitter from there.