The Xbox 360 is now available locally as a $699 package that includes the Pro system, 2 wireless controllers, and 2 rubbish games nobody would buy on their own: Ninety-Nine Nights, and Project Gotham Racing 3. If you try to buy an old Pro system without the extras, it runs you $660. Crazy.

I just went to Sim Lim Square with the intention of buying one (bored, no plans for the weekend), and found a guy who said he would sell me the plain old Pro system for $520 before tax. I figure he’s made a mistake. He must mean $620, because that would come up to about $660 after tax. So I say OK! He says he only takes cash. Fine.

I go out to withdraw cash, and for the first time in my life, the ATM fucks up and retains my card. The bank says they’re sorry, and cancel my card. A new one will be in the post on Monday. I was pretty pissed off at the time, but now I just see it as a sign that I’m not intended to buy anything from Microsoft ever again. And I feel somewhat better about being saved from a rash purchase I wasn’t completely convinced about in the first place. But jesus, give me a break.

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