M1 isn’t getting/doesn’t get the iPhone 3G

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M1‘s CEO Neil Montefiore has been quoted (in Marketing magazine and today’s myPaper) as saying that the iPhone 3G is “a plain 3G phone, and not even 3.5G” and is hence unlikely to make a significant impact on a telco’s data traffic revenues. I’ve never liked M1 very much but FUD of this level is shocking. The man heads up a communications company but can’t even open a web browser and read about it for himself? I’ll save you the time, it says UMTS/HSDPA right there on the specs page. With apologies to John Gruber for nicking his phrase, it sounds like they’re a really bright bunch over there at M1.

Maybe he was using M1’s own broken broadband network to load it and gave up.

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