➟ Your Day As A Freelance Writer

Great humor piece from Connor O’Brien (that’s Connor) over at The Bygone Bureau. Runs from 7 AM to 6PM. Here’s a taste:
7 A.M.
Wake up. You’ve set your iPhone alarm clock early because this is going to be a big fucking day. You are going to write so many fucking words. So. Fucking. Many. Like, tens of thousands of words. Hundreds of thousands? How many words did Kerouac write all hopped up on Benzedrine? You’re gonna, like, double that shit.
8 A.M.
Wake up again.
Link [bygonebureau.com]

➟ Ploom: 21st Century Smoking

Behold the Ploom, an amazing new device created by engineers, designers, and brilliant university people from San Francisco. It’s the cigarette, redesigned for a more elegant age. It’s the Nespresso of smoking.
A slender gas-powered tube heats (not burns) prepackaged foil pods of custom-blended tobacco – six varieties available now, with two others purely herbal –releasing only rich flavor and a light vapor. No smoke, no ash, no acrid smells. Just look at the thing, it’s beautiful. Unfortunately I don’t think this is due for export anytime soon.