➟ Last photo of Hachiko on display

Most will have heard the story of Hachiko, the loyal dog who showed up at Tokyo’s Shibuya station every day for years, waiting for his master who’d passed away at work. If not through a visit to the statue of him erected near the station — where the exit is named after it — then through the Richard Gere movie set in America that someone greenlit one night after more than a few drinks.

I’d never seen a photo of Hachiko before this one, taken after his death. I’m glad to hear he was fed during those years; for some reason I’d always assumed he lived as a mysterious stray, in keeping with the sadness of his story.

Photo of Hachiko at death, from asahi.com


➟ One week’s worth of food by various cultures, in pictures

The top spenders: this family from Germany, at $500.07 a week. From the book “Hungry Planet: What the World Eats”. So much about people and countries comes through in a display of their food — the colors, recognizable brands (or lack of them), amount of processed vs. fresh food, the proportions of meat vs. grains vs. vegetables — I wonder what mine would look like, or if it was even possible to build one of these since there’s so much eating out.