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  • Void Deck Checkers/Draughts



    Walking around Toa Payoh, I came across an area where groups of old men apparently gather to play checkers quite regularly, drawing audiences. I suppose it’s the local equivalent of playing chess in a park.

    I talked to one of the regulars who, as far as my limited Mandarin suggests, told me that they were playing for several hundred dollars a game, and wagers used to run as high as $1000 in the old days. I didn’t see any piles of money by the board, so there’s no way of knowing if he was just kidding me.

    These two men had the largest crowd of spectators, and continued playing long after the others had packed up for the day.


    A couple more photos from earlier that day:



  • SingTel DSL Broadband settings

    If you’re a heavy internet user connected with SingTel Broadband via the supplied 2WIRE modem/router, you probably already know that the hardware is crap and tends to spaz out when you open too many connections. Getting your own ADSL modem/router is an ideal solution, but unless it auto-configures to the network like SingTel’s does, you’re looking at some lengthy trial and error while trying to get it connected.

    I had that experience myself a few months ago, and had to look all over the net for the settings (on my iPhone, no less) because SingTel’s helpdesk wouldn’t “support third-party hardware”. That’s funny, because when I called to ask for the admin console password on the 2WIRE router (to enable Modem Only mode, which I could use with my previous Linksys router), I was told that they couldn’t give it to me, and I had to call 2WIRE’s distributor in Jurong or something. In the end, 2WIRE told me to get the password from SingTel. It was hopeless.

    I’d be satisfied if this helps just one person out there.

    DSL connection settings from my 3com modem/router:

    Protocol: PPPoA

    Username: xxxxx@singnet

    Connect Type: Always Connected

    Idle Time: 20 (min)

    MTU: 1492

    VPI/VCI: 0/100

    Encapsulation: VC MUX

    QoS Class: UBR

    PCR/SCR/MBS: 4000/4000/10