Australia, Day 3 in Photos

Pies, Chinese Garden of Friendship, Darling Walk, Mexican food, and back to the pub.

Having connection trouble with Posterous, so trying to upload these again at smaller image sizes.


Australia, Day 2 in Photos

A weekend market in Paddington, a museum exhibit about Sydney’s convict history, and St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.


Going to Tokyo Again, Figuring Out a Camera Configuration


After all that, seeing a single color photo just fires some pleasure center in the brain, so I don’t know… maybe I’ll change my mind again.

But if anything, going black & white will free me from the temptation to do this to every photo.



Bintan x Mattebox x Camera+


Photos from Japan

Late last year, I wrote about returning from my trip to Japan and sorting through the 2000 photos I’d taken. I finished the job of uploading them to Flickr quite a few weeks back, but neglected to post the links here.

This is the entire set on Flickr, but you will see less as an anonymous member of the public, and a few more if you’re listed as one of my friends.

This is a ‘Best of’ set that I put together, with 150 photos in all (again, depending on your friendship status), which is much easier to get through.

This is a 94-photo subset of the main album focused on Tsukiji, the largest fish market in the world.



Ryoanji zen garden