Prince on SNL (Fury + Beautiful, Loved, and Blessed)

Make time today for this 9 minute video of Prince performing on a recent Saturday Night Live. I don’t care if you’re not a Prince fan. I don’t care if you’re on dial-up. It is truly, truly important because it signifies a milestone in the history of our pop music. The performance is great, yes, but I don’t mean that it’s the greatest ever. In fact it’s probably just a regular performance for the guy. What’s happening here is one of the greatest artists ever to be mentally-shelved by many as irrelevant is making a mainstream comeback nobody expected.

These are sad times for pop music; I won’t go into the reasons why. People not raised on it are wishing for, and valuing, musicianship more than ever. People want musicians who can really play guitar, goddamnit. The new album he promotes here debuted at #1 on the Billboard charts. If he keeps this level of visibility and promotion up, we could be in for a sea change in the industry as the public realizes that nothing than the best should do.

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