Tackling giant problems in postal service

After allowing Olympic figure-skater Miki Ando to be Police Chief for a day, those wacky Japanese have decided to award more crucial, foundation-of-commerce-and-government jobs to be held by people completely and utterly unqualified to do so. In today’s case, not because he’s not good enough, but because he doesn’t exist.

No, I don’t mean Jesus, but Ultraman.

Ultraman Mebius, seen here wielding the most powerful weapon in human history,
acted as Postmaster at the Nagoya Naka post-office on Thursday. He apparently managed to carry out an entire day’s worth of Postmasterly work without uttering a single affirmation, command, or thank you. He warned underperforming employees to improve (ganbatte!) by flashing his eyes a bright shade of yellow and crossing his arms across his chest in an “X” formation. The visiting hero also took care of lunch for the day, providing workers with nutritious meals of barbecued Mothra meat.

“We’re trying our best as we head toward privatization. Mebius has given us energy,” said 58-year-old postmaster Yoshinori Suganuma after Ultraman’s arrival.

Too bad the energy doesn’t last more than 3 minutes!

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