Sennheiser CX300 canal-type earphones

I bought these Sennheiser CX300 earphones about 3 weeks back and they are, like, totally awesome. won’t deliver Consumer Electronics to Singapore, so you’ll have to pay about SGD$130 at Apple stores, or maybe about SGD$110 at Sim Lim Square. It would seem to not matter though, as consumer reviews consistently rate them better than Shure’s e2c earphones (and as good as the e3cs) which cost about SGD$200 here.

US-based readers should definitely look into getting a pair at the above price, if I could have, I would have bought two. They outperform the common Sony in-ear headphones that most people buy to replace their iPod buds (they definitely outperform those), with bass that isn’t muffled or too strong, great sound isolation, and a good strong cord (Sony ones have been known to biodegrade after contact with sweat). If you love your music, you owe it to yourself to ditch bundled earphones.

Incidentally, after I got these, my iPod ones broke open, and they are quite cheap and shitty inside with a little diaphragm made out of cellophane. I should have taken pictures.

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