Today was a good day, as first days at new jobs go. I didn’t get asked to clean up the crap left behind by someone else (because I’m not replacing anyone directly), I wasn’t overloaded with a lot of work and made to stay past midnight, I didn’t run into an old secondary school enemy and find that he was now my boss, or anything like that.

One interesting thing: they had a feng shui guy come in to choose my desk position! So if anything goes wrong, I don’t have anyone to blame. That’s about all I can say about my new job. Having signed the usual non-disclosure agreements, and not being in the sights of any publisher for a lucrative exposé on the unnamed industry (I shan’t even say that!), I will do well to keep things to myself and hope that the quality content on this here digital journal will emerge unscathed. Hah.

Oh, and the coffee is excellent. There’s a certain willingness to work one’s ass off that comes with all the Blue Mountain that one can drink. I had the opportunity to visit another office in the building where a friend works, and they had a very nice cafe-looking area set aside for meetings and relaxing. Why damnit, with our coffee and their facilities combined… we could…! Uh… waste a lot of time, one suspects.

Oh, and it is a very very nice thing to go to work and sit down to a Macintosh. No matter how hard things get in the coming months, that startup chime in the morning shall be my strength.

The building we are in has about three (that I saw) hobby stores in the shopping annex. You know, the kind that sells plastic robots and rubber figurines of barely-dressed anime girls. You know, the kind that young men with disposable income buy to furnish their desks at work with. Very cool. One of the stores even has the Final Fantasy Potion drinks! They’re not cheap though; the Premium Boxed edition sells for $19.90 each.

Well, I am quite well taken of, and there is plenty of serviceable food in the area. I’ve been pretty happy and ungrouchy all day, and I just thought you’d like to know.

Your Internet Friend.

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