So far so good

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I noticed today that it has not occurred to me all week to meet up with people for a drink after work. This is in stark contrast to a few weeks ago when I needed a drink at the end of every boring, mind-numbingly stupid day as an Information Architect at a company that didn’t even want to buy its employees a water cooler.

The reason, obviously, is that I’m enjoying myself. The days seem to be over all too quickly, and before I know it, I’m here past 6pm and not minding it. I don’t dread next mornings, next days, and I don’t count down to the weekend. In fact, the coming weekend feels sorta like an obstacle between me and the next work week and its opportunities. Well, I’m curious to see how long it lasts too. I remember feeling this way at my last internship, and it can only be taken as a sign that I’m on the right track for myself. Stevie J told a Stanford class at their commencement to “stay hungry, stay foolish”, and I am. Hungry to get Insanely Great™ things done despite my natural limitations. Hungry to stay employed, really, if we must put first things first.

Anyway a bunch of hot russian-looking models came in today to get test shots done, and a bunch of “sporty” tertiary girls are coming in tomorrow for a briefing session I will probably attend. Kickass.

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