4:54:29 PM david: http://www.sitex.com.sg/2006/
4:54:58 PM brandon: think there’ll be a wii counter
4:55:07 PM brandon: there was a ds lite one last year long before it came out
4:55:14 PM brandon: i went and played with one
4:55:43 PM david: Let the Gaming segment transform the way you think about games. No longer just limited to bulky consoles and expensive performance computers, gaming today can come to you in many forms with each offering a different level of entertainment and enjoyment to temporarily relieve your mind from conventional worldly issues.
4:55:57 PM brandon: WTFFFFF
4:56:01 PM david: LOL
4:56:29 PM brandon: i have unconventional worldly issues!
4:56:38 PM david: We know mobile entertainment is BIG and so to meet that huge multimedia appetite you have, we have carefully assembled a galleria of nothing but the latest in MP3 and MP4 gadgetry just for you
4:56:46 PM brandon: HAHAHAHAHA
4:56:48 PM david: man that game one is just gold seriously.
4:56:54 PM brandon: MP3 and MP4 gadgetry!
4:57:23 PM david: yeah wtf
4:57:30 PM david: Simply walk down the isles of Photo Imaging booths and start discovering tips and tricks you never knew about videography and photography that will soon propel you to the next level of creativity.
4:57:38 PM david: must employ this guy
4:58:00 PM brandon: can’t propel me soon enough!!
4:58:04 PM david: i think he kop from some cult religion’s webpage
4:58:05 PM david: Propel your imagination into the stratosphere as learn about the amazing software and hardware behind the creation of your favorite anime and manga.
4:58:11 PM david: another use of propel, same page
4:58:30 PM brandon: man i am so pumped for sitex now
4:58:35 PM david: http://www.sitex.com.sg/2006/highlights.shtml
4:58:41 PM david: just read it. man. its all gold.

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