Sex Xonix!!

The speed, the skillful driving and fatal collisions… Do you think that it is a racing? Far from it! Sex Xonix is the arcade erotic conundrum with smart girls for sweets lovers. – Gamespot blurb

This is the #1 most popular/wanted game on Gamespot Mobile today. Perhaps my life is headed in the wrong direction. Every day at work, I face many problems and dilemmas. Sometimes I even find myself in a quandary. And I often ask myself, “is something missing?” Now I know what it is: a conundrum. To be more specific, an erotic conundrum.

Sadly, this game is not the adrenaline-infused racer it sounds like. It doesn’t feature the usual hot girls standing beside cars. It doesn’t even have any cars. And worst of all, it doesn’t feature bespectacled models solving Times’ crossword puzzles in bed whilst wearing crotchless lingerie.

My friends, this game is a clone of SNAKE*. That’s right, the game that comes with every Nokia phone, except with naked women in the background. IN THE BACKGROUND!

*I’m sure this was intentional.

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