Month: October 2007

Leopard breaks works with Connect360

EDIT: I’m on Leopard now and Connect360 works. Just had to rescan and add a new ‘Computer’ on the Xbox side. —According to a blogger named Jeff Henshaw, upgrading to Leopard breaks Nullriver’s Connect360 software. Connect360 lets Mac users stream video/music/photos to an Xbox 360, sort of like what Windows Media Center Edition does. This article at Ars Technica includes Connect360 in a list of software reported to work. So, does anyone know for certain? Hopefully Nullriver confirms or patches this soon, because there’ll be no Leopard for me until then. Macrumors has a wiki list of all the apps reported to have problems with Leopard. Entries of interest include: Azureus (with MBPs), Sogudi, Peerguardian, and of course there must be one app from Roxio on there… Popcorn.

Google buys Jaiku

Q&A page over here. Does this signal the beginning of the end for Twitter? How might this integrate with Gmail in a useful manner? Or perhaps Orkut is due for some tweaks and a relaunch to compete with Facebook. How does Jaiku currently differ from Twitter? On the plus side, it has ‘channels’, which are like chatrooms or public streams that everyone can contribute to. It also has a separate status field for Location. So you can let people know what you’re doing/thinking, and also where you are. This comes in handy when, let’s say, you’re out in town and would like to find nearby friends. It also supports comments, without having to reply with something like “@dude I totally agree” and bothering everyone else. It works just like leaving a blog comment on the main website. The philosophy behind Jaiku is more of creating a “Presence Stream”, optionally aggregating your blog posts, flickr, and other RSS feeds, giving your friends a single point of contact for seeing what you’re up to. This is functionality …

More about a dream than anything

About a month back, I quit my job. I meant to write about it sooner, but then personal matters have long been absent on this blog (along with new content in general). I largely enjoyed working there, but that’s a story for another time. In the week just gone, my first sans emploi, I’ve become one of those annoying people who like to drop some French now and then – no, I’m just kidding – in the past week I’ve still been waking up in the morning with vague memories about dreams that involved getting work done. Last night I was working on my Mac in the office, but it was in the 1920s if you can wrap your mind around that, not doing my actual job but instead transcribing dialogue from old movies. So they could be made into subtitles, of course. From English to English. It sure made sense at the time. It was a tedious and slow process, using some badly designed software, and I had barely gotten three lines done when …

iPhone/iPod touch web apps

In anticipation of my iPod touch being delivered today, I’m collecting some useful iPhone web app links. Came across one that promises MSN functionality, at, but I’d be wary of any site that asked you to input your IM password. One thing I noticed playing with the touch on Saturday is that its Safari useragent string isn’t the same as the iPhone’s. Which means some of these sites which are meant to display their apps when loaded on an iPhone, don’t do so automatically. UpdatedThese are the best-of-class web apps I’ve found so far. IM: BeejiveTwitter: PocketTweets / Hahlo (when PocketTweets is down)FacebookCalendar: Google Calendar (iPhone only) / Mobile version