Leopard breaks works with Connect360

EDIT: I’m on Leopard now and Connect360 works. Just had to rescan and add a new ‘Computer’ on the Xbox side.

According to a blogger named Jeff Henshaw, upgrading to Leopard breaks Nullriver’s Connect360 software. Connect360 lets Mac users stream video/music/photos to an Xbox 360, sort of like what Windows Media Center Edition does.

This article at Ars Technica includes Connect360 in a list of software reported to work. So, does anyone know for certain?

Hopefully Nullriver confirms or patches this soon, because there’ll be no Leopard for me until then.

Macrumors has a wiki list of all the apps reported to have problems with Leopard. Entries of interest include: Azureus (with MBPs), Sogudi, Peerguardian, and of course there must be one app from Roxio on there… Popcorn.

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