More about a dream than anything

About a month back, I quit my job. I meant to write about it sooner, but then personal matters have long been absent on this blog (along with new content in general). I largely enjoyed working there, but that’s a story for another time.

In the week just gone, my first sans emploi, I’ve become one of those annoying people who like to drop some French now and then – no, I’m just kidding – in the past week I’ve still been waking up in the morning with vague memories about dreams that involved getting work done. Last night I was working on my Mac in the office, but it was in the 1920s if you can wrap your mind around that, not doing my actual job but instead transcribing dialogue from old movies. So they could be made into subtitles, of course. From English to English. It sure made sense at the time.

It was a tedious and slow process, using some badly designed software, and I had barely gotten three lines done when a friend called asking me out for a drink with another mutual friend (they do not, and will never, know each other in real life but dreams are strange). I said alright, and then realized it would be impossible to transcribe the rest of that goddamned spaghetti western or train robbery movie given a whole, much less an hour. I was seriously stressing it, and then an email came in with EVEN more work from one of my freelancing clients.

Ah yes, that was the point I was finding my way towards. I’m now doing an experimental break/career calibration/freelance writing thing. Although probably not a viable long-term option, I’ve found that it’s possible to make enough, as much, or very much more money this way. Depending on how much time you want to put into it. And I get the added benefit of finally being able to work from home, on the large iMac I once blew most of my savings on. It helps with the guilt.

So now is a time for reading all the books on my shelves, going out whenever the urge strikes, getting to know Hyrule a little better, and maybe even populating this blog with regular posts again. If you look at my stats, the point at which all traffic went downhill was the exact time I started at my job last year.

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