The Pile of Shame Grows Ever Larger

After putting yesterday’s pile together, I discovered another cupboard of books today (as well as my long-lost stash of empty notebooks). So here are some more that need reading. One of the Dickens books was actually the property of an ex-girlfriend, and it even has handwritten notes and highlighted lines. That was quite a stunning moment, because I don’t think I have anything else left of her. Last I heard, she had a book published, so maybe I should get a copy of that for the pile.

One note about Visions of Cody (top-center): it is the single most unreadable book I have ever encountered. More so than any Pynchon or Indian verse poetry; it is completely unwound to the point of incoherence. At least that’s what I remember from back in 2001, when it sat on my desk in the army for an entire year. I recall at the time, there were two other guys who came up and said, “Hey it’s Visions of Cody. I bet you haven’t finished it either.”

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