– ultimate online store for geeks

Last night, I discovered, one of the most amazing online shopping experiences I’ve had in recent memory. Like, it offers free worldwide shipping on every item bought. Even for tiny little $1.99 impulse buys.

But while Play-Asia only sells videogames, DVDs, and miscellaneous Japanese toys and food items, DealExtreme sells all manner of electronic gadgetry, at rock bottom prices. You can get everything from a laser pointer at USD$1.89, a bullhorn/loudhailer for USD$11, green laser pens from USD$17 (careful now), to a crossbow with a 100m range for USD$160 (barring customs checks and a jail sentence).
The site is loaded with cool little toys, including a $2 gadget section, as I found out last night over a 3 hour raiding session. Here’s a short list of things you might be interested in, many under $10:
  • Wii accessories
  • Electric shock practical joke items (like a ballpoint pen)
  • Butane lighters & torches
  • Keychain breathalyzers
  • FM transmitters (great for iPods in cars)
  • Universal remote controls
  • R/C cars and helicopters
  • LED flashlights
  • Spy cameras and bugs
  • Lightsticks/Glowsticks
  • And even household items like salt & pepper shakers that look like two hugging people!
They have a program where you get points on any order, and collecting points lets you redeem products as a reward. If you use my link above and buy anything in that session, I’ll get some points too. I’m happy to recommend this site whether you decide to help me out or not, it’s just that awesome.

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