Productive in a different way

When I was a university student, this blog would get attention every time I had readings or essays to do. It didn’t happen again after I got a job, which surprised me, but having a boss and very tight deadlines probably had something to do with it. These days I’m back to being a student in spirit, because the whole day is open to having plans shifted about, and time for work inevitably becomes time for lying in bed, and the lunch hour becomes 2 curry puffs for now and maybe something more later.

I just spent an hour getting very frustrated with Google Blogger for being so godforsakenly ugly, and for downsizing photos that are sent in from my mobile. Using it for my Haiku Log is out of the question now. I think tumblr/the tumblelog format is fantastically suited for my purposes, despite not being able to post photo caption line-breaks from my mobile.
When I started Haiku Log two and a half years ago, it was all text. Then a year later, I thought that photos would liven things up, but that proved to be too much trouble. I was using Pixelpost as a CMS, and it was a bitch to login and write with, despite looking fantastic. So in an entire year I posted maybe eight entries, down from about 300 in 2005. I think tumblr is going to make Version 3 much easier to do, with text and photo posts being rolled up all together.

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