Nana 2 DVD drives home your lack of Japanese comprehension

Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch!

I recently renewed my subscription with an online DVD rental service, which of course is great for having a look at movies I wouldn’t normally buy, or in this case, watch. But I did enjoy the Japanese pop-rock-melodrama anime, NANA, a couple of years back, so I got this to validate my theory about modern Japanese films (simply, that they suck).
What I received was a DVD so bad, I suspect it’s a fake. No studio logos upon startup, it just goes straight to an ugly static image that lets you play the movie, and choose between Chinese, English, and Malay subtitles. I’m pretty sure that’s the order in which they make the most to the least sense, because the English ones read like they were babelfished from the Chinese ones, and the Malay ones were probably completely made up. The video quality is also terrible, but that could just be a Japanese shot-on-video thing.
I wanted to go onto the rental website and leave a comment on this DVD but their primitive system doesn’t allow for that kind of customer interaction. I’ll give them a couple more months, but if I have anymore bad experiences, I’ll likely be switching to which has a rating system to almost make up for its smaller selection. If anyone currently uses VideoEzy, I’d love to hear about your experience.
*This post is really just an excuse to try out the new Skitch screen-capture/sharing tool from Plasq, which is finally open to public beta testing!

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