Children’s Season at SAM (look for the giant rabbit)

According to this press release, it’s part of SAM’s inaugural Children’s Season – being a cute, enormous animal/balloon sculpture named Walter, I can see how that might work. Created by Dawn Ng, it’s been around Singapore a bit, although I hadn’t seen or heard of it before yesterday. Children’s Season will have a mix of interactive pieces and installations from local and international artists, some of them built with rather interesting technology (such as the reactive “Funky Forest” virtual space by Theo Watson and Emily Gobeille). I only managed photos of Walter, but the whole thing kicks off tomorrow (14th May 2010) and runs till mid-July. If you have a young family or little nephews and nieces to keep busy, it sounds like a great deal of fun.

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Update: A photo of the Funky Forest exhibit from my recent visit.

Funky Forest

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