From the archives: An on-set photo of Jessica Cambensy, 2007


I’ve been receiving emails from Memolane, which looks into my Flickr and reminds me of what happened each day five, sometimes two, years ago to the day.

Five years ago, I took this photo of Jessica Cambensy on the set of my first TV commercial shoot. She was a young model, nowhere as famous/infamous as she is now ( in Hong Kong and Asia; I was a young copywriter, about to learn how little power writers have on a director’s turf — eventually I figured out that I was there as a formality, and to eat the catered food.
There was lots of time between set ups for me to wander around taking photos. The shoot dragged on for over 8 hours, which she spent standing and getting her hair restyled (we went through at least 5 very different overall looks for her over the day/night), and I remember being amazed by her energy and professionalism. I would have fallen asleep or thrown a tantrum by then. She was incredibly chipper for someone who barely ate at lunch.

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