Headphone portraits

A few weeks back, I started taking photos of my coworkers in the creative department as they sat at their desks wearing headphones. Almost everyone in the office has their own unique brand/model, and I noticed that in some cases those choices strongly reflected their personal biases towards style, quality, or indifference to electronics. The thing I envy most about designers is their ability to listen to music whilst doing their work. Music is also the best part about the moments of my job where I’m not writing, but looking at spreadsheets and wireframes.


All of these were taken and processed with VSCO CAM, an idiosyncratic and crashy camera app for iOS that excels at reproducing the look of film photography. VSCO makes a bunch of Lightroom presets that are fantastic looking and expensive enough that only pros would buy them, but this app is just 99c and I quite recommend it as long as you understand that its effects are applied as stacked layers (the order in which you apply them ultimately matters).

Audio-Technica QuietPoint noise-cancelling

Apple earbuds with remote (old design)

(He’s since moved on to the) AIAIAI Tracks


Nixon Trooper (these broke this week)

Incase Sonic

Klipsch S4i

Not sure, but these might be old Audio-Technicas
Sony MDR-XD100

Bose A2E

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