Just before the New Year…

Just before the New Year, reading New Year posts, I came upon the following line on someone’s blog: “See you on the other side.” Something about the exaggeration struck me as so preposterous, even in jest, that the whole idea of celebrating the midnight moment was buried for me. Why do we indulge in this when there’s no meaningful line being crossed; nothing in the natural world that cares or remembers what we do from one calendar year to the next, I asked our waiter in irritation. Yes, I was on my phone at dinner again (I have that one resolution, at least).

But then later in the night, I was reminded of a few things I was meant to have done by now, and how we always remember where we were the New Years before. I guess it all made sense again then. Counting imaginary milestones makes them real, much like watching walkthroughs of games on YouTube count as playing them. Both concepts exist to remind us of the urgency of our short time here. Let’s get some 2013 done.

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