More ICQ unpleasantries

I even get messages from China while I’m at work.

(10:51:52) 190403526: Are you on line?
(10:51:59) brandon: yes and who are you?
(10:52:49) 190403526: i am a chinese girl.
(10:53:07) brandon: i am a chinese boy. it must be fate.
(10:53:40) 190403526: really?
(10:53:55) brandon: really.
(10:54:04) brandon: i think you should give me your credit card number for safekeeping.
(10:54:35) brandon: now that we are a pair, i must protect our shared interests in the event of an accident.
(10:54:35) 190403526: why?
(10:55:00) 190403526: no
(10:55:08) brandon: well then the wedding is off!
(10:55:14) brandon: i’ve never been so hurt in my life
(10:55:19) brandon: how could you do this to me?
(10:55:47) 190403526: you are not friendly,i think.
(10:55:52) 190403526: bye
(10:56:00) brandon: you think wrong!!
(10:56:43) brandon: come back! i’ll settle for a pre-nup!
(10:57:11) 190403526: can you speak chinese
(10:57:37) brandon: i can say “gei wo ni de credit card hao ma”
(10:58:10) 190403526: something else?
(10:58:51) brandon: “shui shi ni de ba ba? wo! wo shi ni de ba ba!”
(10:59:05) brandon: that’s all for now.
(10:59:09) brandon: i’m still learning.
(10:59:49) 190403526: 过分,不是什么好鸟!
(11:00:39) brandon: wo de niao? how dare you speak about my bird with such familiarity!
(11:03:06) brandon: hello?
(11:04:51) brandon: [aside] it’s ok mr chuckles. she didn’t mean what she said, you’re a beautiful parakeet. who loves you? i do. who loves you? i do! *squawk!*

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