Lone Wolf adventure books – Free!

The old Lone Wolf adventure books are available for free download online! At least, the ones written by Joe Dever are, donated to Project Aon. To those who don’t remember, these were like the Choose Your Own Adventure books aimed mostly at younger kids, but with kickass ninja action and violence that required you to roll dice in combat. At least, that’s how I remember it. They would come with 2 crazy illustrated pages of the different ninja moves you could do, with names like Teeth of the Tiger Throw (fucking loved this one), and the unstoppable Kwon’s Flail kick. I must have read them over 15 years ago and can still remember the feeling of being in some of the book’s trickier situations. They were by and large the closest thing us old people had to videogames when those were still too expensive.

Slashdot thread on Interactive Fiction

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