Kodak V610 digital camera

Kodak has gone from being a brand I wouldn’t even consider when buying a digital camera to one that’s now on the top of my list. Well done! I remember doing some basic market research on their position in the Asia-Pacific region while at my last job, and they looked in serious danger. Further proof that money spent on R&D and design will pay for itself many times over.

Back to this camera. Jesus. If they actually deliver on this come May 8th, and the picture quality is any good, I don’t think Sony or Canon has anything in their lineup this year to beat it.

  • 10x optical zoom. Where the first dual-lens V570 camera went from wide-angle to normal/3x zoom, this new one goes from a normal 38mm lens to a 10x telephoto one.
  • Bluetooth.
  • Video recording at 640×480@30fps, directly into MPEG-4 in a Quicktime container! Up to 80mins continuous limited by your memory card, and you CAN ZOOM while recording.
  • In-camera editing tools including cropping, correction (I assume auto level adjustments and exposure compensation), red-eye removal, and a blurry photo alert icon.
  • 2.3cm thick, 11cm by 5.5cm body.
  • A hell of a beautifully-designed box.
  • Only USD$450 RRP, comparable to Sony’s T9 which is looking a little old now.

It also features one of the tastiest, geekiest taglines I’ve seen on a consumer electronics product:
A dynamic intersection of performance and sophistication.

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