Dreams can come true

4:16:07 PM mr worry: i’m playing mario
4:16:10 PM mr worry: super mario world
4:16:13 PM mr worry: have you ever?
4:16:37 PM pumpkineyes: yes
4:16:39 PM pumpkineyes: i like
4:16:40 PM mr worry: wow!
4:16:45 PM mr worry: this is my first time
4:16:49 PM mr worry: you had a super nintendo?
4:16:50 PM pumpkineyes: i like the mushrooms
4:16:55 PM pumpkineyes: my neighbour did
4:16:56 PM mr worry: i only played super mario bros on my NES
4:17:02 PM mr worry: i always wanted a super nintendo
4:17:02 PM pumpkineyes: oh wait
4:17:13 PM pumpkineyes: maybe mine is bros not world
4:17:15 PM pumpkineyes: urmm
4:17:18 PM pumpkineyes: whats the differene
4:17:18 PM mr worry: it’s confusing, there are numerous ones
4:17:25 PM mr worry: super mario bros. 1 to 3 were on NES
4:17:32 PM mr worry: then super mario world was the SNES version
4:17:37 PM mr worry: better graphics
4:17:42 PM mr worry: bigger enemies
4:17:52 PM mr worry: and you could ride yoshi the dinosaur
4:18:05 PM mr worry: and make him eat the turtles and spit them out
4:18:52 PM mr worry: i have it on my gameboy now…. like, 12 years after i wanted an SNES and my parents wouldn’t buy one.
4:19:03 PM mr worry: i finally got a job and bought one for myself!!
4:19:44 PM mr worry: shit, if you told me when i was 14 that i would have to wait 12 years to get a crappy job just so i could buy a handheld super nintendo and play super mario world, i would probably have committed suicide
4:20:20 PM pumpkineyes: hahaha
4:20:31 PM pumpkineyes: such a sad story
4:20:35 PM pumpkineyes: brings a tear to my eyes
4:20:38 PM mr worry: what an incredible journey
4:20:52 PM mr worry: it should inspire you
4:20:56 PM mr worry: dreams can come true
4:21:34 PM pumpkineyes: yes
4:21:44 PM pumpkineyes: *80s empowering music*
4:21:51 PM mr worry: haha
4:21:52 PM pumpkineyes: *punches fist in air*
4:22:03 PM pumpkineyes: *puts on pink legwarmers*

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