Irresponsible 3am purchase

Well, no. I’m not regretting it.

True Swing Golf for the Nintendo DS looks like a great way to spend a few relaxing minutes each day. I’m not a big golf game fan, although I did spend a lot of time with Mario Golf (GBA) a couple of years back and back-pedalled on buying Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005 (DS) off eBay after reading negative reviews. I thought I would be okay without a golf game for my DS, but True Swing Golf has weakened my resolve with 3 points:

1) Proper touch-screen control. You move the club with the stylus and that’s it. No weird “draw a perfect U-shape” mechanism here.
2) FIFTEEN courses! I’m usually happy with five.
3) The price is right. I mean, really right!

USD$19.90/SGD$31.65, brand new, including delivery.

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