Get Thee Behind Me, Zinfandel!

Woot wine is just as hilarious as regular Woot. On today’s Satanic coincidence date of 6/6/6, they’re selling Storybrook Mountain 6-bottle packs.

Tremble, heathens! A totally meaningless but spooky-sounding numerical coincidence is upon us, and the very seas themselves shall churn with boiling demonic wrath! Or not! We speak, of course, of the coming of 6/6/06, the Tuesday of the Beast. If this were, like, the year 1306, we’d round up some kindling, strike a couple of flints together, and have us a good old-fashioned witch-burning. Also, we’d be fleeing in terror from all these glowing, bleeping computers.

But this is the 21st century. We know now that our imperfect, man-made calendar has no real relationship to the birth of the universe, or even the precise birth of Jesus. We understand that the date 6/6/06 has no particular significance except to Scandinavian death-metal dorks and Hollywood marketing departments…

This week, stand up for post-Enlightenment values by fearlessly buying six bottles of 2003 Storybook Mountain Vineyards Napa Estate Zinfandel, Mayacamas Range.

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