I (heart) KIT

So here I am at work at 9.45 on a Monday night. I should state that wasn’t really a complaint, because I’m listening to Vic Chesnutt and using the hell out of my newly-purchased KIT program [Mac OS X only]. I love it to death. The point of this post is just to tell you how great KIT is. It stands for Keep It Together, and the best way to describe it is to call it an iTunes for documents. Or a localized version of furl.net. You can drag anything into it, and it keeps it in a searchable library. Photos, videos, music, notes, webpages. It also features a note-taker, which means that it has replaced xPad for me.

And the reason I haven’t been posting so much lately is that I’ve started an ad-related blog for storing ideas and interesting YouTube videos, and that’s been keeping me busy. Ask me for the address if that sounds like your kind of thing.

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